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Sal Boenzi

Tucson, AZ

Regional Marketing Director

After 25 years moving from project to project in the Power Industry as a Construction Engineer, I discovered my family was paying the price for my "success" in corporate America. I also realized that like so many others I had no idea if my money was behaving properly and taking us where we needed to be financially as a family. We were actively funding various financial products but it was impossible to know if they were truly helping us reach "the finish line". In fact, I had no idea what the finish line really looked like.

When a friend showed us what a written financial strategy should look like I knew that creating a strategy for ourselves was what we needed to do. I believed that I could learn to show others what their program should look like and help them make those same positive changes in their lives, and this is where my career in the Financial Services industry began to take root. Now I am excited every day knowing I am finally doing the work that I was created for.  After nearly twenty years in this business I can never imagine a more rewarding career or a more meaningful service to provide for families in America.


"No one will believe in or follow a negative, dull, disillusioned,

frustrated dad-gum crybaby." ... Art Williams


5 Million Dollar Club ~ Leadership Team ~ Winners Circle Member ~ Diamond Winner

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Tucson, AZ

Marketing Director

Growing up our family moved a lot and because of my father's career at that time we lived in numerous small towns throughout several western states and I attended nine schools by the ninth grade. Throughout those “adventures” I developed a love of sports, mostly softball, and the team spirit. Fortunately, I had an amazing support system of family, coaches and teammates and I learned to appreciate the benefits of hard work and dedication to reach common goals.

Given my competitive spirit and background of working hard, I had no difficulty working my way up from the bottom when I entered the workforce. In less than nine years I went from answering phones part time to becoming the office manager for a major auto dealership in Tucson. I made many good friends along the way and I loved working to improve myself and help others along the way.

However after nearly ten years in a corporate environment it became clear to me that my heart and soul was no longer invested in my work and I felt that there was more that I could contribute to my community as a person so I made the decision to move on.

Fortunately I had gained a small glimpse of my future years earlier when I accompanied my father on a company trip with Capital Choice to Acapulco with other associates and their families. At that point I knew that the Capital Choice family is where I belonged. So in February of 2013, when I left my corporate job it was an absolute no brainer for me to join Dad and other friends on the Capital Choice team.

Now my purpose in life is clear while I work with and educate others in my community about fundamental financial concepts:

  • Why it is essential to have a written financial game plan with your spouse.
  • Why protecting your income is critical to the execution of that plan.
  • Why it is crucial to have cash savings for emergencies.
  • Why you shouldn't put the cart before the horse when it comes to retirement planning over paying off debt.

Call me for a complimentary consultation and allow me to the opportunity to earn your trust so I can be there to work beside you and your family as you work your way to Financial Freedom.

I look forward to meeting with you!


"Alone we can do so little;

Together we can do so much.”... Helen Keller


48 Hour|RMD Inaugural Class ~ Fast Start Life Insurance Bonus Winner x 2 

Rising Star ~ Capital Choice Trendsetter Mentor


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Daniel J. Gutierrez

Tucson, AZ

Marketing Associate










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Miles Bresee III

Glendora, CA

Regional Marketing Director

Registered Representative - Ameritas Investment Corp.





Million Dollar Club 

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